F A Q s

Getting married? You probably have a million questions or ideas in your head and wondering how it would work with us? Have a read below and hopefully some of those questions will be answered. If not, we would love nothing more than for you to send us an email with what ever is on your mind. 

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When I hire you, who is taking the photos?

You'll be getting both Harley and Ainsley. Each of us have our own creative flair, and having two of us there means we won't miss a thing! If for some reason only one of us will be photographing, or we need to use another 2nd photographer instead of the two of us, we will let you know ahead of time.

Where are you based? And do you travel?

Yes, we love to travel! We are based on the Gold Coast but travel is always a yes for us. We have captured some awesome weddings in some awesome places. All we ask is for you to cover any travel and accomodation costs needed  in order for us to be there on your day. We do want to make sure it is an affordable and easy experience for you both so we are happy to discuss and send through our travel rates or a customised quote (for international weddings) before finalising anything first. 

How many edited photos do I get and how long does it take?

This really depends on what package you go with. If you would like to see our packages and what is included then shoot us through a hello on our contact page and we can send you through the details. But anywhere between 500 - 700 is generally what we give for a standard day package. We generally say 4 - 6 weeks is our turn around period. Our busier periods may take a little longer, which means it may take up to 8 weeks, but we always strive to get them done as soon as we can.

Do you give us the RAW images?

To put it simply, No. When you hire us, you are hiring our style and trust us to bring our creative interpretation to your day. The editing process is equally important as the photo taking part. We may take a photo in a certain way with the editing process in mind to get the final product we were going for.  And let's be honest, the RAW images are not that pretty to look at anyway. We generally give most of the photos that we have taken on the day anyway... minus any blurry ones or if someone got in the way, etc. 

What are your prices?

Send us through an email on our contact page and we will send you the link to our full package list. Our base package currently starts at $3200 for 8 hours coverage based on 2018 prices. 

We don’t like posing and are both a little awkward? 

That’s fine! (We hated it too). We will talk you through it and make you feel as comfortable as we can. We like to shoot candid and natural moments anyway! We will suggest a few poses to make sure you're both looking good, but then we will play around and let it naturally unfold from there. All we ask is that you trust us to do our thing, forget about the cameras, and to remember why you fell in love. 

What happens if it rains on the wedding day?

We still shoot! (with your permission of course). Nothing should get in the way of making your day special. We will use umbrellas and shoot away to our hearts desire, create fun memories… and look for alternate safe havens along the way. As long as you are happy to roll with the punches then we are too!

Do we need to feed you?

Yes please! We will be on our feet all day and need our creative juices to keep on flowing! Usually your venue will offer vendor meals at a lower cost (something to think about asking when booking venues or caterers) We don’t even need to sit at your guests table! All we need is a plate, knife and fork, and we will be happy. Food preference? Ainsley does prefer a vegetarian meal if the choice is offered, but otherwise we eat anything!


We deliver an online gallery to you which allows you to download your images from the internet. You can share your images from there on social media also. When booking one of our set wedding packages you also receive your images as high resolution files on a fancy USB to keep with you.

what gear do you SHOOT WITH?

We both shoot on Cannon 5D mark III. We like to switch between a variety of prime lenses including 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 100mm, 135mm, 45mm Tilt-Shift, and we like to keep our 24-70mm on hand.

Do you do mentor sessions with other photographers?

Absolutely! We love teaching and sharing our experiences with others. We all start somewhere, and learning along the way is part of the fun! Just send us an email through our contact page form and let us know you're interested. 

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Tips for making sure our wedding is picture perfect?

You can't control everything on your day, but here's some tips from our experiences of awesome weddings to keep in mind.

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When booking a ceremony venue or your getting ready accomodation, keep in mind natural light! Think windows with light streaming through. Having down lights or artificial lights isn't the most flattering and can cause unsightly shadows and yellow tinges. The makeup artist will always appreciate natural light too.


Try to keep mess and clutter away in a seperate room. I know that seems impossible on a crazy day like your wedding, but the photos will come out a lot more cleaner and more pleasing to the eye. Nothing worse than a nice wide shot with sleepover bags in the corner and someones undies hanging over the chair


This isn't always an option for some, but if you really want your photos to look great when you are getting ready, consider hiring an AirBnB. Generally they are styled nicely, are tidy/clutter free, and are more spacious (and have more character) than a hotel room. A bonus is that you can make a little holiday out of it. 

Outdoor ceremony:

If having an outdoor ceremony, try to make sure there will be even shade for the time of your ceremony. There is nothing worse than a squinting bride and groom with bright and dark patches all over your beautiful faces. If there is no shade, being back lit (having the sun behind you) is always more flattering than having the sun full blazing on you two. Also consider what time of the day it will be, as this well determine how harsh the sun will look on you.

Golden Hour:

The golden hour is the best time for those romantic, soft, glowing portraits. The golden hour can be anywhere between 4ish pm - 7pm (earlier in winter and later in summer). The time of the setting sun will also depend on if your wedding is amongst high trees or in an open field. 

Unplugged ceremony:

This is something we like to suggest for a few reasons. An unplugged ceremony is where guests put away their phones and cameras, and enjoy the moment in real time and not through their cameras or phones. This means they can be present and be there to witness and celebrate your day. This also means we won't have grandma holding up her new iPad in the middle of the aisle in all our shots. It's a great way for guests to take some time away from all the gadgets and gizmos and just be in the moment and engage in your beautiful day. You are hiring us to photograph it anyway so Grandma can relax and enjoy the day knowing that she will have beautiful photos to add to her new iPad in due time.

Time planning:

 Try to remember that things happen and can put you behind time, which usually means less time spent on those moments that make some really special photos. Like enjoying the moment you finally put on your wedding dress, having a moment with your dad when he see's you for the first time, spending some time alone with your new husband/wife at sunset. All these things are often moments you want photographed or want to enjoy, but unfortunately, a lot of brides don't plan enough time for these things which results in rushing and missed photo opportunities, and ultimately... not being able to fully enjoy those moments. 


Any other questions that didn't get answered? Or what some advice on planning your wedding? Then feel free to send us through an email via our contact page.