Harley and Ainsley here. We are so glad that you have found us. We are a husband and wife duo who found a passion and a creative outlet in this thing we call photography. From the day we met we both shared a passion for photography, not realising that 5 years later we would be tying the knot and starting this business together. We are based on the Gold Coast, but are available to travel where ever you may need us.

Harley is known as the organiser of the team. If you have contacted us already then you would have already met Harley. He loves football, trying out new cafes, BBQ ribs and coffee get him through life, and has quit his career in primary school teaching to pursue our wedding ventures. Ainsley is the one behind the editing screen through the week. She enjoys going on strolls through nature, going on picnics, loves yoga, thinks christmas carols should be an all year round playlist, and has also quit her career in nursing to follow our photography dreams.

We believe everyone is born with creativity; it is part of the human experience and is how we express our individual reality. We are both romantics at heart and love to capture stories with our cameras. The chemistry and uniqueness of each individual couple is what we love to capture the most.


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Our approach to weddings may not be the same as every other photographer out there. We love to get to know our couples from the get go. This is why meeting up before the big day is so important to us so that we really get an idea of how you work as a couple and both your individual personalities. It’s also important to us that we click with our couples, as we will be spending a lot of time together.

We capture your day from all the little bits and pieces to the emotions unfolding around us. Our ideal clients would be a couple who love to be adventurous, are not afraid for us to get up close and personal, and are choosing us as photographers for our style; not based on a price or availability. We want you to be able to trust us to do our thing and capture some awesome memories in our Bulb Creative way.

We also highly recommend having a read through our FAQ to get a better idea of what might be involved as well as some hints and tips to make your wedding photo perfect.