We are super excited to add short highlight films to our packages. Our main focus is (and will always be) photography, but we found ourselves wanting to show our style and interpretation of your day through another avenue. There’s just some moments that you can’t capture the same way through still images alone. We wanted to bring our wildly romantic style from our photos and put them into short highlight films.

Our ultimate goal is to capture the two of you and the essence of your relationship. We’re not into the full ceremony cuts and coverage of reception speeches. If that’s what you are looking for, then we have a bunch of really awesome videographers we can send to you that offer the full day package capturing everyone and everything from your day.

But for us... it’s the little moments here and there that really encapsulates what your day is about.. and that’s the two of you. 

We will only be taking on a very small amount of films each year, so available dates are limited, focusing on small weddings and elopements. So, go ahead and have a look at our latest short films below.



- C O L E T T E + D A N I E L -

Roys Peak, New Zealand.

- A N N A + J O S H -

Cairns, Australia.

- A S C H A + J O S H -

Wanaka, New Zealand.

- E M M A + S C O T T -

Byron Bay, Australia.

- C A S S + J O S H -

Gold Coast, Australia.

- J E S S I E + C A L E B -

Tweed, Australia.

- C H A R L O T T E + W A Y N E -

Wanaka, New Zealand