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Something that we both hold important is knowing that we are blessed in order to be a blessing to others. Compassion is a company that dedicates their lives in seeing children and families being released from poverty. We absolutely love this and want to continue to support their work with what we have. We also thought it would be cool to not just donate a portion of our package price towards a gift that goes to families in most need, but to involve our clients to. When you book, we want you to be able to choose how your wedding package is helping. We have decided to donate either a Health Bundle or an Animal Bundle to a family in most need with each wedding package booking.


ANIMAL BUNDLE: Goats and chickens provide important nutrition including milk and eggs, and are a source of income. For rural families, owning a cow is an incredible asset. Cows can produce between 25 and 30 litres of milk each day. This milk helps address malnutrition and improve children’s physical health. Families also receive training on animal husbandry and dairy production so they can care for their animal and enjoy a regular supply of fresh milk to drink and sell.

HEALTH BUNDLE: Each item in this bundle is crucial for protecting children from disease and ongoing health issues. A toothbrush will help children maintain good oral hygiene while a mosquito net will allow them to sleep safely at night protected from malaria. Vaccinations are critical to preventing illness and deadly disease among children. Clean water has a life-changing impact on a family; not only does it provide clean water for drinking and washing, it also reduces the amount of time children spend walking to collect water—time they could use for learning and playing instead.

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You don’t have to add anything extra, it comes straight from your package that you have booked. Our hearts are to see others be blessed to be a blessing to others. If you would like to know more about how you can help out Compassion or just want to know what their deal is… head to   https://www.compassion.com.au/