Whether you decide to tie-the-knot in an indoor cathedral, a lakeside chapel, a rooftop carpark, desert landscapes, or a snow capped mountain top… your ceremony is the part where you actually and legally become committed to each other for life. Pretty special stuff right! You can opt to have zero guests, a few guests, or 200 guests… as long as you make it about the two of you and not everyone else. We have seen it all and we love capturing the unique moments that unfold during this sacred moment of the day.

Our number 1 tip: Don’t be afraid to do something a little different. The legalities is a must, so you can’t really skip that part… but do what matters to you. Skip the traditions that don’t make sense to you and do the things that do! Example: Catch a helicopter and elope on a mountain and party with your family later. Or have a jazz band with trumpets perform as you walk down the aisle.