Penelope & Blair


Penelope & Blair

We met with Penelope and Blair near Queenstown at the base of the Remarkables where we jumped in the car together and made our way up the mountain. The questionable road set the tone for our sense of adventure. 

The night before, it had actually snowed and that morning we woke to snow capped mountains. Unfortunately the rest of the warm, clear summers day (thanks a lot summer) had melted almost any evidence of snow by the time we had arrived to the mountain. 

That didn’t stop us from having fun though. We hiked up the track and kept warm by the lake side of Lake Alta where we came across a few tourists brave enough to attempt skinny dipping in there. We even manage to find a few left over patches of snow. Penelope and Blair braved the chill and the rock scaling, and they looked so effortlessly adorable together the entire time.