Getting Ready

Getting ready for your big day is one of our favourite rituals of the day. Everyone is full of anticipation and all the details are slowly coming together. It’s not about having the posed shots ticked off, but more about capturing those fleeting moments in-between when you forget about the camera and are fully immersed in the emotions. The good, the ugly and everything in between. They’re all golden.

Our number 1 tip: Choose somewhere that has plenty of space, natural light and character.

  • Space - You need plenty of space in order to get dressed, store everything, and to just breathe. Nothing worse than a tight, clunky and pokey room.

  • Natural Light- This is so important for beautiful photos. Relying on down lights or artificial lights cause unsightly skin tones and shadows. Your Makeup Artist will also thank you for it.

  • Character - Because hotel rooms are boring and squishy with no where to hang anything. Try hiring an Air BnB, a Homestead or even a family home that is important to you that has been styled nicely or has history and story to tell.