Britt & Mitch



So, we thought we’d do this blog a little different… Britt and Mitch’s story of how they first met is nothing short of magical. And it all comes back to this image of them on a scooter. We recreated this shot of an intimate moment Britt and Mitch shared on the back of a scooter amidsts the quiet streets of India where their love first began to blossom. We asked Britt and Mitch (who are actually in the middle of transferring their love story onto paper) to write a little something that sums up this image for them, and this is what they responded with….

"There are definitive moments in your life; moments that are forever imprinted on your soul; moments that you revisit from time-to-time as a reminder of how beautiful and magical and surreal life can be. On their second night in a small Indian town, two strangers from opposite sides of the planet, were amidst one of those moments. He was from New Zealand. She was born in the USA. Through a twist of fate, they found themselves together, in a quiet beach town in India. 

There were no street lamps and they could only see as far ahead of them as the weak headlamp of the motorbike could illuminate. Neither of them wore helmets, but she felt completely safe. They’d known each other for two days, but something about him just made her feel completely safe that way; like she would never have to be afraid so long as he was near.

Carelessly lost on an unmarked road in India, she squeezed her knees around him, threw her head back and stretched her arms out wide as if to hug the starry sky, painted with palm tree silhouettes illuminated by the moon. Tears streaming down her face, she laughed at the exquisite chaos of life and she praised the stars for their perfect alignment. He gripped the handlebars, feeling an inexplicable urge to protect this wild flower wrapped around him. As they drove into the deep azure night, as unknowable as their futures, neither knew the role the other would play in their lives, but both knew they would hold onto this moment forever.

Lost in the moment, they could never have predicted that less than two years later, they’d find themselves in another definitive moment, driving a motorbike down an unmarked road in a sleepy beach town in Australia, towards their friends and families, awaiting their arrival as husband and wife. 

That’s the funny thing about those whimsical moments that we remember forever. They have the potential, if we let them, to open us up to the most splendid life we could never have imagined.”


To see the rest of Britt and Mitch’s Byron Bay wedding day keep on scrolling down, you won't be disappointed we promise! With styling from Arctic Fox, and beautiful food and atmosphere provided by The Belongil Bistro, this day was nothing short of magical… just like their love story.